Am-Can-Int. Champion
Ursus Borealis Forest Gump-CD
(Best in Show and Multiple Group Winner)
Shown by Leslie Batchelder
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Dutch Champion
Fellow-Penny v.d.  Vanenblikhoeve
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Am. and Int. Champion and
Int. Best in Show Veteran
CH. Ursus Borealis Romeo
(CH. Iboef Darwin v.h. Grendarcohof - CH. Lady Blue II)
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AM-CACIB Champion
Sil van 'T Megadam
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Tale of a Stud

Your dog's a Champ. He finished fast,
You think you've found some peace at last.
But...he is a stud, and there's the tale,
You get deluged with floods of mail.
You send out pedigrees and then...
You never heard from them again.
When letter writing's all an end,
The phone calls drive you round the bend.
Each bitch is special, the family get,
They've had her checked out by the vet.
She lifts her lip (but she is really sweet),
Her pedigree is hard to beat.
A maiden bitch, she's small, she's tall,
She backs you up agains the wall.
She arches her back, she will not stand,
And no one offers an helping hand.
Her feet are poor, her back is bad,
Coming and going she is pretty sad.
Polite... you comment "her pigment's nice",
Releasing an unasked for flood of advice.
Expert's critics, filled with lore,
Talking their heads off an hour (or more).
Your dog's too big, can't really gait,
They'll gladly explain all his faults (while you wait).
You wonder what they ever bred to him for,
The months have telled by , and the stud dog fee got payed,
You hear at their birth what each puppy has weighed.
You hear all there troubles and .....that's where it halts.
(of course, your poor dog gets the blame for their faults).
And as the time passes you don't hear an thing,
Then one of the puppies shows up in the ring.
He's tops and he's winning......here is the bitch
You guessed it.......his virtues all come from the Bitch!!
We have frozen semen on all stud
CH. Ursus Borealis Caymen
Statue gift by louise allen-Nakina Bouviers
copyright renske vinke